Sponsored by: Technica

Designed by: ZOE CONNOLLY

picture of student

Moose are tranquil, stoic, and strong creatures at heart and can put up a powerful fight when threatened, just like the children of the NOFCC.


Watch Me

The approach for the new Samsung gear S2 is clean, modern, and simple with a hint of irony. The irony is hidden in the tagline and recurs through the campaign with the play on the word WATCH, referring to the watch itself and as a reply to the challenge related to each app displayed.

Keep the Speech

KEEP THE SPEECH is a multi-discipline design concept created for UN/UNESCO and Canada Post for the International Year of Indigenous Languages. The design features animals that have been used in storytelling for thousands of years in almost every culture. Those stories helped to teach life lessons, behaviour and knowledge.

Australia Travel Photos

These elegant travel posters inspired by my travels reflect a quiet simple experience, with an element of sophistication. The illustrations are soft and clean with a depth that brings the viewer into the scene for a brief moment, imagining themselves standing at that very spot.

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