Miranda Fragomenis Poster of a Blue Jay


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photo of Miranda Fragomeni

Regardless of how busy and hectic our lives may be, when you catch a glimpse of a blue jay everyone will take a moment to stop and take it in. This time of mindfulness and being in touch with nature inspired me to choose this brave and beautiful bird.


Ontario Foodland
Adverising Campaign

Many of us have eating habits that are not kind to the environment. Ontario Foodland holds a solution by offering food that comes from local farmers across the region.

To help promote this clean initiative this campaign utilizes high-key photography and the implementation of a trillium to give a burst of fresh energy to Ontario Foodlands existing advertising methods.

Unpack App

The concept for unpack was developed as a solution that takes UI/UX principles and the user in mind while searching for a new rental space. The experience for both landlords and tenants were taken into consideration when exploring how to simplify and bring excitement to moving.


Without proper assessment, diagnosis and treatment citizens with mental health care illnesses are not receiving the same standard of living offered to all Canadians. Mindfull is an economic activism campaign focused on the inadequacies in the current Canadian health care system in regards to their treatment of mental health.

The type is cut off in the posters to visualize the struggle of those suffering with mental health, how they are unable to live a fulfilled life without proper treatment.

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