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Designed by: MAGGIE HOBBS

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The Musky is well known in the north for the fight it puts up when threatened. This mirrors the fight that the children and families of the NOFCC deal with on a day to day basis. Strong and powerful like the musky these families have the ability to overcome this challenge.


Origins - U.N. Stamps

Origins is a multi-faceted campaign made to promote 2019 as U.N.E.S.C.O.’s international year of indigenous languages. The purpose of Origins is to bring to light the endangered state of many languages around the world as well as help to revitalize them and celebrate the linguistic diversity of our planet.

The names of endangered languages were made into audio waves. The stamps uses these audio waves to form a landscapes, which is combined with the continent that the language is from.

Bay Used Books

Bay Used Books is the largest used book store in Northern Ontario and suffers from inconsistent branding and identity. The goal with this re-brand was to give the store a fun and quirky identity with a bit of a retro flare to match the feeling of the store and reflect the design style of the year Bay Used Books opened.

The logo combines the images of a book opening and a pineapple. The pineapple, as well as being the international symbol for welcome, relates back to the "bay" in the name and gives you the sense of a tropical getaway — which is reminiscent of the escape you feel while reading a good book.


ADVENTR is an app created for people to find events and activities to take part in near them. It creates fully personalized recommendations and makes it easy to find new things to do that suit your interest. The ADVENTR logo is a set of binoculars made out of destination pins to reflect what you do while using the app.

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