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When exploring the variety of animals native to Northern Ontario to illustrate, I found that the white-tailed deer display agility, bravery, and are protective of their fawns. These remarkable creatures have the spirit to act even when obstacles challenge them.


This campaign was designed for the UNESCO’s 2019 International Year of Indigenous Languages. Canada Post stamps, a retail stamp cover are shown below as well as a poster and way-finding for an educational event.

The bird of prey, illustrated in a style inspired by Milton Glaser, symbolizes freedom of speech, strength, and courage.

The colourful "sound waves" forming the bird remind us that it’s not just a language that would become extinct, but also the stories and culture passed down over generations through verbal communication.


Compass is a Canadian travel magazine that focuses on budget traveling and day trips for a younger audience.

XL Problem

This activism campaign, designed for Greenpeace, will encourage people to continue fighting against the construction of the Keystone XL extension. It will address the disastrous impact that this pipeline will have on the environment. The goal of this campaign will be to remind people that this is an XL Problem that still needs to be fought, and inform them on how to do so.

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