Sponsored by: Studio 123

Designed by: DEREK LONGE

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Persistent, gregarious and intelligent, the timberwolf displays extreme loyalty and allegiance towards its pack.



To commemorate the International Year of Indigenous Languages, a campaign was formed to bring attention to the many cultures and languages that are being pushed to the brink of extinction around the world.

The basis of the campaign is the combination of feathers and audio waves that represent the various indigenous cultures that are dying each day.

Jak's Diner Rebrand

Jaks Diner's lack of brand identity made it a sitting duck in terms of a fresh, new look. The symbol combines the good old fashion white mug and the initials of the restaurant that appeals to both young and old.

Full Beard Brewing

Full Beard Brewing’s identity lacked personality and consistency. By giving the packaging more authentic, hand crafted qualities, the brand will better associate with the rugged individuals of Northern Ontario.

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