Sponsored by: Yallowega Belanger Salach Architecture

Designed by: SARAH LEMIEUX

picture of student

When exploring the variety of beautiful animals Northern Ontario has to offer, I found that the boldness, intelligence and playfullyness of the grey jay best represents the children of the NOFCC.


End the Trawl

End The Trawl is an activism campaign to put a stop to the most destructive form of mass fishing that the ocean has ever seen. The campaign works to showcase the horrific damage done and relate this damage to our everyday lives. The aim is to create an emotional response in the public that will move them to actively help stop bottom trawling.

Unesco Stamp Campaign

Campaign created to celebrate the worlds many indigenous cultures whose languages are endangered. Created for 2019 the international year of indigenous languages.

Trip Lingo

Ad campaign for Trip Lingo, a translation app. The ads showcase Trip Lingo helping you get out of any sticky situations you find yourself in, no matter where in the world you are. So you can get back to your adventure.

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