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Like music, design takes good design ethic, and a solid idea, for it to transpose into a piece of communication that can be understood by its selected audience. Taking that piece of design, that idea, and re-creating it so it can be performed directly to the ears of it's suited listener. I always strive to exhibit this in my work.

Noteworthy Influences:

1. Stefan Sagmeister

2. David Carson

3. Morrissey

This campaign was designed around the central idea of creating self-confidence among individuals within the lgbtq community. While targeting teenagers the campaign has been designed around using mobile devices to create your own individual SELF logo, and then applying it onto products that you can then purchase. A portion of the money funded would then go to campfyrefly, a canadian national camp for lgbtq youth, designed to help youth develop leadership skills and personal resilience. The money would help to create more camps across Canada.

These three poster designs as centred around the issue of Colony Collapse Disorder. The posters use a single bee vector repeated in order to form three types of fruit Honey Bees help pollinate. The fruits then begin to loose bees as they are placed under the headings present, and future, indicating that within time there will be a lose of honey bees altogether.

The corporate identity re-design for Casey's Grill and Bar has been created around the vector of a fork, with the fork legs shaped into three identical wine glasses, and the space in between shaping into wine bottles. The design is classy, minimalist, and elegant. Using the red pantone colour throughout, to compliment the branding, it is considered to be an appetizing colour, and offers a rather calming, and welcoming tone.

Event Highlights

The Open Studio

Field Notes was the inaugural event for Cambrian College's Open Studio, located at 93 Cedar Street in Downtown Sudbury. It took place on April 18th, 2013. Here's a look at the festivities:

Promotional Video

The promotional video was the product of a small and dedicated group of 3rd year Graphic Design students. Special thanks to those who took on this project: Paul Morse, Terrie Barksey, Chad Weiss, Jennaka Urisk, and Terri Scherzinger.

Supportive Associations:

Cambrian College Graphic Design Sudbury Design Society RGD Ontario