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Juggling projects is just another skill we have to learn. Being able to manage many projects at once is a great asset, and a huge time-saver. When one idea bleeds over into another project, I sometimes find inspiration in the overlap – this has helped me out in many times.

Noteworthy Influences:

1. Amy Lee

2. Design Army

3. Stefan Sagmeister

A photography based ad campaign to promote Nabob coffee.

A package design for headphones that was made to be more environmentally friendly than it's current plastic version.

A product design to promote a user experience on a purchasable item.

Event Highlights

The Open Studio

Field Notes was the inaugeral event for Cambrian College's Open Studio, located at 93 Cedar Street in Downtown Sudbury. It took place on April 18th, 2013.Here's a look at the festivities:

Promotional Video

The promotional video was the product of a small and dedicated group of 3rd year Graphic Design students. Special thanks to those who took on this project: Paul Morse, Terrie Barksey, Chad Weiss, Jennaka Urisk, and Terri Scherzinger.

Supportive Associations:

Cambrian College Graphic Design Sudbury Design Society RGD Ontario