Reagan Chisholm

“Graphic Design is constantly evolving, meeting new needs and expectations of users.”

Reagan Chisholm

Jack of all trades, lover of mechanical keyboards. Graphic Design saved my life.

Fired Up Pizza Rebrand

Fired Up needed a rebrand that captured the bold flavours and simple, quality ingredients of their menu.

The stenciled pizza slice symbolizes the flame of the wood pizza oven.

The logomark paired with bold typography creates a fiery, energetic brand that will stand out among its competitors.

The Martian

Designed to accompany a science fiction novel entitled The Martian.

Using stark illustrations and a moody colour palette, the user experiences an atmosphere of interplanetary isolation.


Interactions is a multi-faceted campaign created to celebrate the 2017 United Nations International Year of Sustainable Tourism.

The social, economic, and environmental aspects of sustainable tourism are represented by figure-ground illustrations of a human profile interacting with the shapes of culturally significant buildings and animals.


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