Matti Scherzinger

“Graphic Design is organization made beautiful.”

Matti Scherzinger

I’m a designer, illustrator, and sweater wearer. I like music, I like talking, and I like learning. If you want to collaborate, reach out—I’ll probably like you too.

Gear Magazine

Gear is a digital magazine targeted towards young, progressive adults aged 18–30. The website delivers intelligent content to its readership and has a design that bears both a chic sense of style and an air of credibility. The article pages were designed with readability in mind, using strong type hierarchy and substantial white space.

The hamburger-style menu houses categories, which can be used to sort articles based on subject matter.

Mobile and tablet views were considered, with layout and text styles adjusting in order to ensure an optimized reading experience for the user.

Bug Me Campaign

Bug Me is a sustainability-minded awareness campaign providing education about entomophagy—eating insects —to young adults in Canada. The campaign includes an informative booklet and a campaign website. It visualizes information in a simple and friendly illustrative style to appeal to the target audience.

The booklet is broken up into three topic sections, each of which is elaborated upon with written and visual information.

Scrawl App

Scrawl is a tablet game targeting children aged 9-12 which allows users to create stories together, one sentence at a time. Using large buttons, bright colours, and friendly illustrations, the app encourages use. Small awards and connecting with friends provides incentive for children to continue playing the game.

The user begins by creating a Username and Password, then inputting their email address to create an account. A confirmation code is sent to them via email, and their account is created upon entering it.

The user adds friends to create stories with—to begin a story, the user selects a friend and sends them a story request.

The user then chooses the turn count of the story, the genre (e.g. Horror), the theme (e.g. Ghosts), and then confirms their selections.

Once the selected friend confirms the story request, both users enter a chat screen, which includes writing prompts to aid the story if necessary. Each player writes one sentence at a time until the turn count is reached.

Once the game is finished, each user is prompted with the option of giving the story a name and saving it to their respective bookshelves. Upon completion, the messages are formatted into a readable story format, and an illustration is generated based on the genre and theme of the story. This story may be viewed from the users’ bookshelves at any time.


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