Brigitte Vachon

“Graphic Design is clever. Clever design has three ingredients: it's simple, clear and smart.”

Brigitte Vachon

Dog cuddler, skilled camper, recent CBC radio convert, was almost a nurse. Call me at 4 a.m. and I’ll have advice to give or a meme to share.

Greater Sudbury's Vital Signs Report

The design for the Greater Sudbury’s Vital Signs 2016 report focuses on providing information and statistics for the developing community. Designing it meant that the data provided needed to be interpreted and developed into legible and easily understandable pieces of information. This year, Greater Sudbury’s Vital Signs had a special focus on Aboriginal well-being which was put at the forefront of the report. It was investigated to shed light on aboriginal issues concerning the communities within the area.

Project team: Brian Koivu, Casey J. Lalonde, Lisa Schutt, Steven Boothe, and Shawna Partridge

Holla's Greenhouses Rebrand

Holla's is a locally owned greenhouse in Blezard Valley, Ontario. Owned and operated by two friendly and knowledgable horticulturists, Holla’s produces three main products: produce, trees, and flowers. Holla’s has been outfitted with a complete brand overhaul to better represent their company’s mission and values; this includes logo, complete brand guideline booklet, stationery, website, greenhouse wayfinding, and company uniforms.

Wizard of Oz

This Wizard of Oz minimalist poster focuses on using the theory of figure ground. Two iconic tropes in the movie allow for a clever combination, the significant house and cute little Toto remind us of one thing: there’s no place like home!


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