Alex Berens-Firth

“Graphic design is optimistic. It’s turning opportunity, potential, and possibility into a better future experience."

Alex Berens-Firth

I embrace new experiences with a sense of humour and adventure and my curiosity about the world pushes me to find new ways to be relentlessly useful.

Say Hi to Heinz

Say Hi to Heinz is a print advertising campaign for children encouraging interaction with the iconic Heinz bottle, and invites kids to recognize that Heinz is a friend for food.

You can put ketchup on literally anything, but it definitely tastes best on food. The print ad series features tactile objects that kids interact with in their daily routines, presented in a silly visual puzzle for kids to assess.

The Heinz Zine is a miniature activity book featuring stickers for the Heinz ketchup bottle, and tearable paper “coasters” for kids to squirt their ketchup onto.

The activity book encourages kids to interact with the Heinz ketchup bottle, viewing Heinz as a friend for food while also practicing their fine motor skills.

Volunteer Sudbury

Volunteer Sudbury needed a brand refresh that re-energizes the organization and stands out from every other community non-profit. The volunteer population is aging, and a branded campaign was created to appeal to millenials.

The new logo features a bold “V” supported by a network of connections to represent the community-strengthening role that volunteers serve. The logo is part of a flexible identity system, and the interior connections of the mark are different in each iteration.

#Volunpeerpressure is an outreach campaign to encourage Sudburian’s between the ages of 19 to 29 to try volunteering with friends.

You Vs. is a branded theme for Volunteer Sudbury’s annual report, and takes the cliche symbol of hands to represent volunteering and puts those hands to work, featuring the individual impact volunteers have in the community.

An updated website makes connecting volunteers with volunteer opportunity the focus of the website.

Abacus Magazine

Abacus magazine is a collaborative, vibrant, analog learning experience for children ages six to ten. The magazine functions as a companion for children, as they interact with puzzles, games, and stories, and will become a treasured keepsake for parents.

The magazine’s name and masthead refers to the abacus, a kinetic learning tool featuring beads that slide and move. The “U” is a smile, which references the tagline, “big ideas for little smiles,” which acts as a moral compass for the publication.

Each issue features activities that relate back to a central theme. This issue is “The Cities Issue.”


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