Shelby Tessier

“Graphic Design is a tool to inspire and drive social change.”

Shelby Tessier

High-fiver, early arriver, skydiver and soon-to-be rocky mountain climber.

Sudbury Wolves Rebrand

The Sudbury Wolves are an OHL ice hockey team based in Sudbury, Ontario. The team required a branding identity characterized by strength, connection and prosperity. This clean, bold monogram brings a newfound energy and vitality unmatched by the team’s competitors. A dark forest green was selected as the brand’s colours to reflect Sudbury’s outdoor environment and an ivory as a strong complementary colour.

United Nations: Platforms

In recognition of the 2017 International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development, I designed a series of stamps featuring famous tourist bridges from around the world. When the stamps come together, the bridges in the collection share the same platform. Not only does the name ‘‘Platform’’ represent the elevated surface of the bridges, but it also represents a body of principles and goals in which the United Nations hopes to achieve this year. To further promote the event, packaging for the stamps was required, as well as a first day cover and a eye-catching poster.

Fire & Smoke

The graphic design program has given me a chance to explore photography and the ability to capture emotion and beauty. The passed three years have been full of incredible experience but also extreme challenges. At times, an escape from the chaos and constant thought was in need and capturing Sudbury’s skyline allowed me to do this. I hope this personal project inspires you to find an activity that allows you to forget everything except the present moment. This small industrial town has brought me so many smiles and this series is a thank you to the city that built me.


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