Lindsay Levesque

“Graphic Design is evocative communication that disguises itself as a product.”

Lindsay Levesque

You know that feeling, when you know what you like to know how to do what with your life?

Entomology Calendar

I designed a new brand for The Entomological Society of Ontario along with a promotional calendar. The calendar describes the activities of insects around the Province.

The idea was to combine a traditional textbook style drawing with a splash of modern colour using vibrant watercolours.

I thought this promotional item would be a great way to raise funds for the organization, while educating people about exciting insects and how Ontario seasons affect them.

Radisson Hotel Rebrand

The Radisson Hotels & Resorts brand is in need of a refresh. Their current mark doesn’t quite stand up to the values and brand of the company. I made the new Logo to be more versatile and intelligent, while considering their three separate branches and demographics.

I chose to pair the typefaces Centennial LT and Univers; both designed by the classic Swiss Typeface designer Adrian Frutiger.

The three branches of Radisson Hotels are Radisson, Radisson Red, and Radisson Blu. The new logo can be attached to any of them, while still reaching the target demographic.

United Nations Stamp

The year 2017 was the United Nation's International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Developement. The task was to create a postage stamp to commemorate the event.

Paths was the theme that symbolized flight paths bringing countries together by means of tourism.

A vibrant green was used in the flight paths and followed along the entire campaign to symbolize the environmentally sustainable benefits tourism can bring to developing countries.

The Paths exhibition would incorporate the flight paths graphically, along with information about the international year and its impact.


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