Danielle Landry-Altman

“Graphic Design is all about perspective; seeing things from a new point of view.””

Danielle Landry-Altman

My name is Dani, I like long walks in the moonlight, camping under the stars and making stuff by hand, or digitally.

Dark Ink

The deep sea creatures represent the introverted, macabre, and mysterious nature of the artist. The main typeface displays the fine line elegance, produced by Micron Pigma pens.

Ink and watercolour are combined to create an aquatic backdrop, showcase product versatility, and the ability to blend mediums. The cold colour palette adds to the overall tone, of darkness and serenity in this series.

“Dark Ink ” was created to appeal to tattoo artist, illustrators, and writers of the 18-25 demographic.


Community is a campaign for the 2017 United Nations International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development. The campaign expands from a stamp series into an exhibit to raise awareness of four developing countries. The exhibit reflects the importance of textiles in the local economies of South Africa, China, Mexico, and India.

Bright and colourful outdoor advertising is displayed to attract, and draw in more viewers to the exhibit. Repetition of the textiles through out the advertising campaign, creates a familiarity in the mind of the viewer, and encourages them to attend.

As the viewer goes through the exhibit, they will notice the use and repetition of these textiles. From left to right, the patterns are culturally representative of South Africa, China, India, and Mexico.

Each of the four developing countries has a room designated to the colours, and textiles of that region. The viewer would then be able to immerse themselves for a moment, in the culture and distinction of each country. The overall message of this exhibit is to showcase the economic importance textiles play, in these regions.


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