Alex MacKenzie

“Graphic Design is substantial impact, subtly delivered”

Alex MacKenzie

I enjoy creating, contemplating, and rearranging things.
I also like cats.

Juice on the Loose E-Cigarettes Rebrand

The current stigma towards these shops is that they aren’t for people who are of a more professional demeanor and that can turn some people away. My strategy for this corporate identity was to make the store appeal to a more professional crowd all while keeping its current fun and energetic atmosphere.

With the simplicity of the branding it can be applied to many different mediums.

The mobile website focuses on ease of use and functionality with the ability to order products while on the go in mind. The brand continues throughout the stationery to have continuity and brand integrity.

Cosmic Encounter Brewery

For this assignment I was tasked with creating a label series for a brand of beer or wine. With this project I was heavily inspired by retro sci-fi films and current craft beers. With Cosmic Encounter I explored something a little bit different while still trying to maintain a degree of familiarity.

Using simple yet classic imagery Cosmic Encounter is both eye-catching on the shelf and would hold a spot in the market.

Socialite Mobile Chat App

SociaLite is a chat app for people aged 50-66 made with accessibility in mind. The app features larger font size, larger buttons, and simple commands. With SociaLite older people can get all the enjoyment of a chat app but without dealing with difficult to read settings and options. SociaLite is a helpful solution.

SociaLite would be available on both iPad and iPhone for free from the app store.


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