Robe Vignoble

By Angel Charette

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Make a mock-up: The paper will crinkle when placed around the neck of the bottle. Accuracy is achieved with research: Wines should have which grape is used to make the wine and not just the type of wine it is. Reality: A vineyard would not create every kind of wine, they would specialize in the grape they grow. Creating a brand: Changing the dress, bottle and colour for each bottle creates too many variables, which makes it hard to create a brand.

Robe Vignoble

Every woman enjoys a glass of wine now and then. Robe Vignoble has a variety of wines for special occasions, parties or just because it’s Wednesday. The label design is a good conversation starter or a centerpiece dressed up for your occasion

Robe Vignoble Logotype Front Bottle mock-up Back Bottle mock-up Front label Back label

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