In order to solve we must first dissolve. The Cambrian College graphic design class of 2015 presented Dissolve on April 9th, 2015 at Fuse Nightclub. We displayed a collection of eighteen thesis projects that were solved through innovative thinking and design.

Thesis Projects

Each of us explored our daily lives by looking at the things that surround us. Then we focused on one item that presented a social or environmental challenge. The items below, represent the 18 thesis projects that were presented at Dissolve. Click one of the items to view a student’s thesis.

brady cody brando matt blayne tiff erik pat karina jade ben dalton jennica jess brittney luc genna kayla

Promo Videos

Before the opening night, we released these 9 promotional videos. Students were asked to describe their project is 15 seconds.

The Students

Over the course of three years in the Graphic Design program at Cambrian College, the graduates have gained innovative skills and design knowledge. Click below to view the student portfolios that represent their best work created during the three year program.

Our Mentors

These professors played a major role in bringing Dissolve together. Here is their view on Dissolve and its outcome.